e-MEL Project: Media Literacy in Europe

DARE members John Potter and Andrew Burn have taken part in the E-Media Education Lab (EMEL) project which is in its final dissemination phase (hence the event at the UCL Knowledge Lab, 2nd May 2017). This has been a 5-country project funded by the Erasmus Plus EU scheme, involving six partners, the co-ordinator being Média Animation in Brussels. It began in September 2014 and will end in August 2017.  The main aim was to produce materials and training scenarios to support teachers, beginner teachers and teacher trainers drawing on the collective expertise and approaches of the partners. The key objectives in this project which was designed to create a free, open source set of training resources, were as follows:

  1. Mapping media literacy competencies to identify needs
  2. Using a participatory methodology involving teachers and teacher educators
  3. Promote innovative scenarios for the development of media literacy competencies of teachers
  4. Develop an online environment (e-lab) for trainers and their teachers or future teachers to experiment with these innovative training strategies
  5. Create, by the end of the project, an open educational resource (OER) for any teacher trainer
  6. Disseminate this online environment through various roadshow events in partner countries.

Further information about the project is available here, together with links to the resources which are free to use.

e-MEL working session in Braga, Portugal: evaluating training scenarios for sustainability & relevance

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