Playful Literacies in Estonia

Professor Andrew Burn gave a keynote talk at the 11th conference of the International Association for Research in L1 Education (ARLE) in Tallinn entitled “PLAYFUL LITERACIES: CHILDREN’S DESIGNS OF PLAY FROM PLAYGROUND TO VIDEOGAME”. The abstract can be found at the conference site.

The talk presented work from a range of DARE projects on Play and games.

The 11th conference of ARLE on 15-17 June, 2017 at Tallinn University, Estonia, focused on integrating cultures and languages, arts and literatures, as well as on learning-teaching languages of schooling among other ones, all challenged by increase in cultural diversity and transnational virtual publics. With that focus, it emphasised learning-teaching verbal and audio-visual arts; languages as a means of verbal communication of knowledge, cultures, styles, or self, and as a main means of understanding diverse human experience going back centuries.

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