Re-program, Re-play, Re-wind

image‘Re-program, re-play, rewind: an alternative history of computer game creation in 1980s Britain’ is an AHRC early career fellowship award (2016-2017) that will examine the role of type-in computer program listings found in magazines and books during the 1980s. The project is collecting oral histories and interviews with people who wrote and used program listings for the various microcomputers that were available in schools, homes and the wider community. See the website for current interviews.

The research will also explore ways of reading and presenting these listings in a variety of ways that will be useful for academics, museums, libraries and archives.

If you used type-in listings, or wrote type-in game program listings during the 1970s or 1980s in Britain, please get in touch!

Visit the website for details of events, publications, and oral histories.

This AHRC funded early career fellowship award is being undertaken by Dr Alison Gazzard from the UCL Institute of Education. Alison is a Lecturer in Media Arts and Education at the UCL Knowledge Lab and is also researches as part of DARE.

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