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Cultures of Digital Production and Moving Images

This special issue of the Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy focuses on young people’s production of moving image work in Europe. Introduced by Øystein Gilje and Brit Svoen, it situates the edition in the tradition of media literacy research work, especially in the UK, Scandinavia and the US, over the last three decades, and highlights discussions of policy opportunities in Europe,

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Creative Europe: New Opportunities for Film and Media Literacy

The EU Commission – DG Education and Culture, Media and Media Literacy Unit – organised the EU Conference CREATIVE EUROPE – NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR FILM AND MEDIA LITERACY in Brussels on 16th November 2012. The Conference presented an overview of the Commission’s proposal for the Creative Europe Programme and the state of play of the EU media literacy policy. In

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Film Literacy in Europe

This project, funded by the European Commission, was a study of film education in 32 EU member states. The project was conducted by the BFI, the UCL Institute of Education, and Film Education. It studied a range of questions, including how film education is perceived in the different countries, what kinds of provision are made and for whom, and where

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