Film Education Journal

The online open access Film Education Journal (FEJ) was launched on 20th June 2018. DARE has been closely involved – with Andrew Burn and Mark Reid as co-editors, and Michelle Cannon and John Potter as editorial board members. This group has been working with the General Editor, Jamie Chambers and UCL IOE Press, to bring the journal to life and edit its first 2 issues. The launch event was a day conference at Edinburgh University, featuring a presentation by Cary Bazalgette. See the YouTube channel for recordings of proceedings.

Jamie Chambers at launch of Film Education Journal

Jamie Chambers – FEJ General Editor – at launch of Film Education Journal June 2018, University of Edinburgh

It’s the world’s only journal dedicated to education in the moving image, and features work by researchers, educators and film-makers. The first issue contains accounts of practice across Europe, as well as debates with Alain Bergala’s Cinema Hypothesis, which he presented at the BFI in 2017.

The second issue presents a series of perspectives on film education from Finland, Germany, South Africa, Spain, England and Scotland, investigating the connections between film education and cognitivism, archaeology, theories of ageing and experimental cinema. There is also the welcome introduction of a political note, through approaches exploring the implications for film education of feminist and intersectional theory, and the role film education might play in community activism:

Twitter: @FilmEducationJ

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