Beowulf goes to Bergen

Workshop participants in Bergen, Norway, have made a Videogame of the story of Beowulf, led by DARE’s Andrew Burn and Bruno de Paula. The workshop was part of the DTAE (Digital Technology in Arts Education) at the University of Bergen.

Workshop participants were arts educators, working with music, art, literature, and media education. Using the DARE software Missionmaker, developed by MAGiCAL Projects’ Abel Drew, the group developed the story of Beowulf’s battle with Grendel, adding the twist that Hrothgar’s queen, Wealtheow, attempts to poison Beowulf to protect her son’s claim to the throne.

The game was made in only 90 minutes. The group added their distinctive ideas and talents – the narrative twists, the game mission and challenges, the improvised music for the battle against Grendel, and a dramatic rendition of English in a Danish accent by one (Norwegian!) participant!

A video capture of the game can be seen below. The event was part of a series of workshops using Missionmaker, including Viking games with Danish primary school children in Aarhus, a workshop during UCL’s Festival of Culture, and a session with young people at the London Connected Learning centre.


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