Sangam Project, North Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Theo Bryer and Rebecca Wilson from UCL Institute of Education are making films on iPads with young people in South India (17-28 July 2017). They are based at an educational organisation called Sangam, in a village called Silvepura in rural North Bangalore (Bangalaru) in the state of Karnataka www.sangamprojects.com The project is funded by the UCL Global Engagement Fund. Since 2003, Sangam has been facilitating projects that explore and interpret the cultural geography of the local area, encouraging quality learning programmes through creativity, and using the outdoors.

Sangam has organised for Theo and Rebecca to run workshops in a school run by the Parikrma Humanity Foundation (for children from slum communities and orphanages), in Delhi Public School, (which has an intake of 6,500 students) and in a local girls’ home called Baale Mane.

The project involves meeting staff and students in the schools and orphanage and finding out about the Indian education system. In the first week Theo and Rebecca made short dramas with young people at Parikrma and Baale Mane, followed by news films in Delhi Public School and fantastical films with the younger girls at Baale Mane.

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