Youth Provision in a Global Age


John Potter is in Melbourne attending The Young Creative Connected Master Symposium hosted by REDI – Research for Educational Impact: Deakin University’s Strategic Research Centre for research in Education – whose theme is Youth Provision in a Global Age:

The event aims to: “bring together diverse perspectives to describe, theorize, and imagine how to address the current crises of youth provision. Our specific route into this problematic is through those alternative and third spaces of provision and support that have emerged as a response to de-traditionalization, fragmentation, and the breakdown of public services”.

This is an invitation only seminar and research workshop on the subject of digital literacies and digital childhoods, convened by Pro.f Catherine Beavis at Deakin in association with Julian Sefton-Green.  It will feature an eclectic group of academics, including keynotes from Rebekah Willett, Kristiina Kumpulainen, Stuart Poyntz and Soo Ah Kwon.  Seminar themes include digital literacies for which John will draw on recent work on Dynamic Literacies, the Third Space and theories of Curation.  Formats are varied from lecture through to panels, seminars and workshops and some events are open to the public in Melbourne city centre.


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