Monthly Archives: April 2022

Location-based VR experiences for Children

ReMAP members Eleanor Dare and John Potter were co-investigators in this pre-lockdown AHRC-funded Knowledge exchange network, led by PI Dylan Yamada-Rice who was working at the RCA at the time. It established a partnership with academics and game industry people in the UK and Japan to explore location-based VR, site specific experiences that aim to bring together materials beyond those

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“Show Yourself”: decolonial queer pedagogies of Frozen 2.

This post summarises an article by Kata Kyrölä and Tuija Huuki exploring Disney’s Frozen 2 from the perspective of decolonial queer pedagogies. Why did an animated movie about two young Indigenous women, trying to reconcile settler-colonial trauma, become one of the most popular animated children’s films of all time? What can films such as Frozen 2 (2019, directed by Jennifer

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Harold Rosen Book

Harold Rosen: Writings on life, language and learning, 1958-2008, published by UCL IOE Press, is a collection of writings by the influential educator and professor at the Institute of Education. Edited by John Richmond, the book includes over 50 pieces of writing grouped under three headings: the politics of language and English teaching; the role of language in learning; and

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