Sound school

Sound School at Campus, Friday 16th November, 7pm

To mark the culmination of Sound School, a SoundCloud fellowship project, there was a discussion on tech and music education at Campus London (powered by Google) on Friday, 16th November. The event was an official partner of Internet Week Europe, a festival celebrating Europe’s dynamic and vibrant internet industry.

The discussion tackled the way that new technology, particularly the web, is changing the face of music education. It was led by the following panelists: Evangelos Himonides (chair), Senior Lecturer in Technology, Education, and Music at the Institute of Education; Roland Taylor, formerly Director of Digital and Participation at the English National Opera and Interactive Editor at the BBC; Jennie Henley, Lecturer in Music Education at the Institute of Education; Elaine Chew, Professor of Digital Media and Director of Music Initiatives at Queen Mary, University of London; and Tim Murray Browne, interactive sound artist and researcher.

For more information go here.

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