Creativeworks London

Creativeworks London is the new Knowledge Exchange hub for London, funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council. It brings new collaborative research opportunities to London’s creative businesses. The Institute of Education is one of thirty-eight London-based universities, colleges, museums, libraries and archives. Together we have unrivalled skills and expertise that can be of benefit to SMEs who are interested in exploring areas such as entrepreneurial development,  emerging markets, new ways of engaging London’s multiple audiences and the development of digital resources and media content.

Institute staff who contributed to the development of the hub for the IoE are Lesley Burgess, John Potter and Andrew Burn, who is also a member of the hub’s Digital Economy research group.

Creativeworks London will be offering three key funding strands.

1. Creative Vouchers Scheme. This is the biggest of Creativeworks London three initiatives. £1 million pounds worth of vouchers will be given out to support creative/cultural companies to develop collaborative research projects with an academic partner around one of CWL’s research themes. The application process will require interested parties to attend an Ideas Pool prior to submitting an application. The first theme, taking place this Autumn will be on the subject of ‘Mobility’. Full details of the process will be announced by mid-October.

2. PhD-In-Residence Scheme. This particular initiative will enable creative and cultural companies to apply to access specialist knowledge or expertise. Full details of the application process will be announced in late-October with the first deadline for applications in early December.

3. Creative Entrepreneur-In-Residence Scheme. This initiative will be launched in February 2013.

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