Diane Carr convened an event at the London Knowledge Lab on Monday December 2nd, as part of her AHRC fellowship on games. The day included her own presentation on representations of disability in games, as well as presentations by Helen Kennedy and Tanya Krzywinska. Below you can see the programme.

Monday December 2nd, 10 – 2 pm

RSVP email Diane Carr by November

For more information about the event and the fellowship, games analysed and publications, please email Diane or visit the project blog. Outcomes from the day are presented here.

Diane Carr games seminar

Session 1 Digital games and gender.

Invited speaker, Helen Kennedy (Brighton). Chair, Caroline Pelletier.

Session 2. Digital games: Representations of disability.

Project update and advisory session. Diane Carr (IOE). Diane Carr spoke about her current research on ability and disability in digital games, with a particular focus on augmentation and monstrosity. Issues under discussion include aspects of method and research practice, the cultural politics of bodies in games, and theorising ideology in games.

Session 3. Digital games research and the humanities.

Invited speaker, Tanya Krzywinska (Falmouth). Chair, Alison Gazzard.

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