Third space networks: digital literacies, media arts & coding

Here is a blog account of a recent presentation I gave with some thoughts on Coding.

Media literacy, learning and curating

At the end of last month, at the invitation of Ben Williamson, I presented at the first of the ESRC seminar series called Codeacts in Education at the University of Stirling.  This series is about all aspects of learning through code / learning to code.  This long-ish post is an experiment to turn a presentation in to a post.  It’s necessarily contingent and fluid and still forming in many ways.  In the presentation I gave the topic was as shown in title slide:


In the presentation, I wanted to use the word “coding” to encompass many activities. So coding is – in this presentation as elsewhere in common usage in educational circles – hazily (and lazily) conflated from terms like coding, programming, computational thinking and app building.  This very possibly drives real coders and computer scientists mad though that was not the intention.  It was really only to use it…

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