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Summer 2018 saw the publication of DARE member Michelle Cannon’s book – Digital Media in Education: Teaching, Learning and Literacy Practices with Young Learners (Palgrave). In the book she argues for dynamic and relevant school experiences for primary and early secondary learners that embed film and digital media production. She proposes a vision of literacy that combines new technologies with

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Incorrigibly Plural – A L.A.T.E. Conference in celebration of Morlette Lindsay

This Saturday saw a number of teachers, teacher educators, and pupils gather together at the UCL-IOE to celebrate the contribution of Morlette Lindsay to English teaching and to share ways of continuing her work.  Workshop contributors included a number of DARE affiliate members, such as the British Library (Emma Bull and Katie Adams) and Theo Bryer and John Potter. But

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Filmmaking out of the box? Making media with touchscreen devices

Young filmmaker and iPad

Two members of the DARE Collaborative, John Potter and Theo Bryer, were recently involved in researching an after-school filmmaking project with children in year 5 (aged about 10) and year 8 (aged about 13). They worked with filmmakers, Xube, in a school in East London in work funded by Into Film to explore the ways in which touchscreen devices might

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Video games and disability research

At present, Diane Carr is a Co-Investigator on a project funded by an AHRC development grant titled Alternative Futures: Disability and Community. This involves working with a fantastic, inter-disciplinary team of artists, activists and academics, and engaging with critical disability studies literature, in order to explore the ins and outs of community, affiliation, marginalization and disenfranchisement. In 2013-14 Diane was

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DARE at the International Media Education Summit in Prague

(A version of this post is also on the Children’s Media Foundation Research Blog, here) In November 2014 members of the DARE collaborative attended the CEMP – organised International Media Education Summit in Prague, where Prof Andrew Burn delivered a keynote.  Andrew, John Potter and Michelle Cannon later ran an event in the conversation strand discussing the following question: What

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DARE and Shoot Smart, the “Into Film” Project

Researchers from the DARE team, John Potter and Theo Bryer, have won a bid to research and evaluate “Shoot Smart”, a film-making project using Tablet devices, during the summer term, 2014. Shoot Smart is funded by Into Film, the film education charity and involves working alongside partners, Xube Ltd, a film-making company specialising in films in educational settings. The competition

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Third space networks: digital literacies, media arts & coding

Originally posted on Media literacy, learning and curating:
At the end of last month, at the invitation of Ben Williamson, I presented at the first of the ESRC seminar series called Codeacts in Education at the University of Stirling.  This series is about all aspects of learning through code / learning to code.  This long-ish post is an experiment to…

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Macbeth, Montage and Machinima

A DARE event presented for the Culture Capital Exchange INSIDE/OUT FESTIVAL Blue Room, British Film Institute Southbank Thursday October 25th 3 – 5pm This event featured presentations by participants in two projects from the DARE (Digital Arts Research Education) Collaborative at the Institute of Education (IOE), working with partners in the British Film Institute (BFI) and at London’s Globe Theatre. 

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The Culture Capital Exchange

The Culture Capital Exchange (CCE), based at Somerset House, specialises in Knowledge Exchange in the Arts: they are well-networked and broker relationships between academics, cultural institutions and the creative industries. They hold events such as networking opportunities at private views. The Institute of Education is a subscribing member of this network and Lesley Burgess, Andy Ash, Dominic Wyse, Andrew Burn,

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2012 The Harold Rosen Memorial Lecture no.1 / DARE Launch

The DARE Collaborative was launched last Friday – 22nd June – at the BFI Southbank. Attendees from arts and media organisations, schools and universities, were treated to a fantastic welcome in the form of a promenade performance by Lambeth schools of work created in response to Hitchcock’s silent film from 1927, The Ring.  You can read more about that here.

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