Monthly Archives: July 2014

Electricomics: a Digital R&D Fund for the Arts project

Alison Gazzard, a Lecturer in Media Arts at the London Knowledge Lab, and a member of DARE, has worked with Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins’ Orphans of the Storm to secure funding to lead the research component of developing new possibilities for storytelling through digital comics. The project, titled Electricomics, is a collaboration between the arts organisation, Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins’

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The Harold Rosen Lectures

Below you can find all the Harold Rosen lectures, by Michael Rosen, Shirley Brice Heath, Stanley Wells, Jonothan Neelands, Teresa Cremin, Myra Barrs and Sarah Horrocks, Simon Wrigley and Gabrielle Cliff Hodges. The Harold Rosen lectures are given in memory of the influential educator and teacher whose work on English teaching remains an important force in the shaping of theory

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