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The French film curriculum for young people entitled Le Cinéma: Cent Ans de Jeunesse has been functioning for 20 years. It formed part of a DARE research project in 2012. On a yearly basis the programme forms around a central aspect of film language. Last year was the Long Take, this year it is L’intervalle (Spacing) in film.

Cinema cent ans de jeunesse - BFI edit

The bridge organisation Artswork, representing the south east and based in Southampton, held a conference for educators at the BFI on Thursday 23 October 2014. The conference looked at ways of incorporating creative media production into Artsmark practices in schools. The presentation slides can be found here.

One of the workshops encouraged film making in the classroom, taking inspiration from the Lumière Minutes exercise from the Cent Ans de Jeunesse programme. Here are their minutes filmed during the hour long workshop in which delegates were encouraged to watch/notice their environment and capture/film an unscripted Southbank moment with simple Flip cameras or their own mobile devices. We then watched/analysed some of their minutes on the big screen in light of some original Lumière footage and reflected on the experience.

Here are the minutes from the morning’s workshop, the minutes from the afternoon’s workshop will be added in due course.

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