Monthly Archives: October 2021

Doing sociomaterial studies: the circuit of agency

Sara Hawley has just published an article in Learning, Media and Technology, looking at theories of sociomateriality and agency to consider children’s writing practices. In recent sociomaterialist, materialist and post-human theorizing which foregrounds the importance of objects and bodies, ideas of consciousness and intentionality are seen as potentially tainted either with Cartesian mind-body splits or with subjectivities that are too

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Inclusive Heritage Education via Active Learning

Veysel Apaydin is co-leading a project working on cultural heritage with children in Turkish primary schools, including migrants from the Syrian conflict. The project, a collaboration with PI Alan Greaves of the University of Liverpool, is funded by the BIAA (British International Schools/British Academy). The project will develop, evaluate and disseminate socially-inclusive heritage education materials that can be used by

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Moving Photon

Moving Photon is a project by ReMAP member Friendred Peng and colleagues, aimed at exploring embodiment, social connection and remote presence during the age of pandemic. This work translates physiological data from live EEG recordings to an installation and explores embodied approaches in computational synergised space. More details about this work will be shared throughout the next couple of months.

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