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MAGiCAL projects

20130601-202745.jpgMAGiCAL Projects is a new enterprise of the IOE, based at the London Knowledge Lab. It is a combination of R&D, building softwares for creative work in education, and a commercial venture, bringing such solutions to schools and other education sites. It builds on research and development work we have done in the past with Immersive Education, developing the successful games authoring tool Missionmaker, with David Buckingham and the Centre for the Study of Children, Youth and Media. Last year, Immersive sadly went into receivership, and the IOE bought their four products: Missionmaker, Kar2ouche, Krucible and MediaStage. These are now being marketed and developed by MAGiCAL with the support of the IOE’s Business and Enterprise unit. We are keen to build this enterprise, and to seek new opportunities for research and development of the products. We have just received a grant fom the IOE’s HEIF Next Generation fund, which we will use to develop Missionmaker’s game-programming tool, extending its value for the creative use of programming in schools, and building connections between computer science and media education.

To discuss R&D partnerships, please contact Professor Andrew Burn (

For information on sales of any of the products, please visit



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