E-MEL: e-Media Education Lab

e-Media Education Lab is a European project co-funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ Programme. It aims to support the development of media education in Europe by strengthening the skills of teaching professionals through their initial and vocational training. In addition, this project aims to develop and produce open educational resources that will enable teachers’ trainers to develop innovative practices in terms of training in media education and to appropriate oneself the resources. These resources will be developed inside a laboratory for experimentation and collaboration (e- lab) before being in free access to all.

DARE is one of six international partners, responsible for researching the programme. John Potter is PI for the UK team; Andrew Burn is Co-I. The project is led by Media Animation, Brussels; the other partners are the universities of Florence, Tampere and Minho.

For more, see the e-MEL website: www.e-mel.org


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