Drama and game workshops organised by the University of Sydney in partnership with the Australian Theatre for Young People began on the 28th September. The week of workshops, part of the DARE Playing Beowulf project,  adapted the story of Beowulf through giant puppet-making and digital game design. The work explored how narrative, combat, heroic quest and monster figures can be realised in the cognate forms of drama and game.

The video below was projected during the final performance, and shows a green-screen superimposition of the giant puppet hand of Grendel moving through the virtual mead-hall of the videogame. This is one example of the ingenious mash-ups of drama and game achieved during the week.

Day 5

The final day featured a grand performance for parents and researchers, mixing projections of game sequences with live drama and puppetry.


The Warriors rehearsing


Grendel in the courtyard


Day 4

A monster stalks the mead-hall!


Beowulf with Grendel’s arm


Beowulf’s fight with Grendel


Day 3


Mixing puppet theatre and game by using green screen.


Game design session


The Beowulf puppet

Day 2

Russell talks us through his Beowulf game design.

James talking us through the game level he made of Beowulf preparing to fight Grendel.

And a giant puppet hand (Grendel?) working on the Missionmaker game tool!



Pictures from Day 1:

Student drawing

Student drawing of Beowulf and the Dragon

Dragon puppet

Giant Dragon puppet


Students making games with the new software – programming Beowulf!

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