Monthly Archives: February 2016

English 3 to 19: A Better Plan

CLPE, NAAE, NATE and UKLA have come together to make a common statement about the curriculum and assessment in English across the whole school age-range. The statement sets out a better plan for the teaching and assessment of English 3 to 19 than is contained in current statutory requirements. It represents the views of the National Association of Advisers in English, the

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Panopticon Pandemonium

This project is building a videogame of Bentham’s Panopticon, supported by the UCL Grand Challenges fund. The project is a partnership between DARE, Transcribe Bentham, UCL Digital Humanities, and DDZ Games. How can videogames help us approach and understand concepts and developments in history, ethics, and society? Building on successes in creating pedagogical videogames (UCL IoE’s DARE research group and MAGiCAL Projects)

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Now the Chips are Down

This new book by DARE’s Alison Gazzard, coming soon from MIT Press’s Platform Studies series, explores the history of the BBC micro and its relation to gaming cultures of the 1980s. In 1982, the British Broadcasting Corporation launched its Computer Literacy Project, intended “to introduce interested adults to the world of computers and computing.” The BBC accompanied this initiative with television

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