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Panopticon Pandemonium game released!

Panopticon Pandemonium: bringing to life Jeremy Bentham’s controversial, unrealised prison. Download the game free, and play it! For around a decade of his life until 1803, the renowned English philosopher and reformer, Jeremy Bentham (1748–1832) lobbied the British government to build a ‘panopticon’ prison of his design. Bentham had envisaged an ‘Inspection House’—a circular building with the prisoners’ cells arranged

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Panopticon Pandemonium

This project is building a videogame of Bentham’s Panopticon, supported by the UCL Grand Challenges fund. The project is a partnership between DARE, Transcribe Bentham, UCL Digital Humanities, and DDZ Games. How can videogames help us approach and understand concepts and developments in history, ethics, and society? Building on successes in creating pedagogical videogames (UCL IoE’s DARE research group and MAGiCAL Projects)

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