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Beowulf goes to Bergen

Workshop participants in Bergen, Norway, have made a Videogame of the story of Beowulf, led by DARE’s Andrew Burn and Bruno de Paula. The workshop was part of the DTAE (Digital Technology in Arts Education) at the University of Bergen. Workshop participants were arts educators, working with music, art, literature, and media education. Using the DARE software Missionmaker, developed by

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DARE celebrates 5th anniversary

On May 2nd DARE celebrated its 5th anniversary with an afternoon of presentations and discussions about media literacy in the UK and Europe at the UCL Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education. Speakers from the the e-Mel Project and a range of other contexts presented their most recent research and discuss policy and pedagogy around media literacy. Andrew Burn introduced the

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Schooling & Culture Journal Launch

Schooling & Culture disrupts a culture of individualism, competition and surveillance by claiming a new collective position within, and outside of, the school context through self-representation and lived experience. This journal is an invitation to strengthen solidarity between teachers, students and cultural practitioners by exploring politicised praxes of secondary school teaching in the face of increasing conservative toxicity. The journal

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Big data & contemporary culture

On Tuesday 2 May, 5.00-7.00 (Room 802): a roundtable discussion on the power and influence of numbers in contemporary culture, exploring critically issues such as data and big data, life tracking, digital health studies, and the quantifiable self. Contributors include Professor Steve Connor (Cambridge,; Professor Tom Corby (systems artist,; Dr Dawn Nafus (Intel,; and Dr Sarah Teasley (Head of Programme, History of

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Liquid Crystals & Screenic Cultures

On Tuesday 9 May 2017, 5.00-7.00 (Room 802. UCL Institute of Education): a roundtable discussion on liquid crystals, which will consider screens and screenic culture, liquidity, video, and the materiality of the visible. Contributors are: designer and academic Dr Emily Candela (PhD from the Science Museum/RCA:; Professor Sean Cubitt (Goldsmiths, University of London,; film maker and animation scholar Dr Barnaby Dicker,

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UCL Knowledge Lab Seminar Series introduced Dr. Helen Manchester

On Wed 5 April, 2017, Dr. Helen Manchester from Bristol University, presented the Tangible Memories project. Her work suggests new approaches to designing innovative technologies with older adults that decrease aspects of social isolation often experienced in care home settings. One of the most successful innovations was the rocking chair equipped with aural triggers featuring sounds of the sea or trudging through

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