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Now the Chips are Down

This new book by DARE’s Alison Gazzard, coming soon from MIT Press’s Platform Studies series, explores the history of the BBC micro and its relation to gaming cultures of the 1980s. In 1982, the British Broadcasting Corporation launched its Computer Literacy Project, intended “to introduce interested adults to the world of computers and computing.” The BBC accompanied this initiative with television

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DARE and the Media Arts edition of MERJ

DARE has edited a special edition of MERJ, the Media Education Research Journal, on the media arts in education. The editorial article, by Andrew Burn, John Potter and Mark Reid, argues for attention to the rhetorics and poetics of the media, to the pedagogies of teachers-as-artists, and to the grammars of software tools. The editorial can be accessed here. The

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Mazes in Videogames: Metaphor, Meaning and Design

This new book, by Alison Gazzard who has recently joined DARE and the media group at the Institute of Education, looks at the significance and history of the maze as a central and persistent figure in the design of videogames space. It relates the mazes of today’s digital games to the long histories of maze designs in physical landscapes, exploring

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Children, Media and Playground Cultures

Children, Media and Playground Cultures, by Rebekah Willett, Chris Richards, Jackie Marsh, Andrew Burn, Julia Bishop. This co-authored book is an outcome of ethnographic studies of play in two UK playgrounds, one in London, one in Sheffield. The studies formed part of the project Children’s Playground Games and Songs in the New Media Age. The ethnographic data from the project

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Cultures of Digital Production and Moving Images

This special issue of the Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy focuses on young people’s production of moving image work in Europe. Introduced by Øystein Gilje and Brit Svoen, it situates the edition in the tradition of media literacy research work, especially in the UK, Scandinavia and the US, over the last three decades, and highlights discussions of policy opportunities in Europe,

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Digital Media and Learner Identity: the New Curatorship

John Potter’s new book Digital Media and Learner Identity: the New Curatorship was launched at the Institute of Education bookshop on December 11th. Many studies of digital education focus on technology rather than on the learners or on what they make and do with the devices they use every day. This book takes a different path, putting the learners and

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