C and C logo splashThis was a day event on 1st July at the RSA, presenting innovative ideas about how computer science can connect with the Arts in the context of education. A LINK TO PODCASTS can be found at the end of the full page. Contributors included Ian Livingstone, author of the NESTA Next Gen report; John Naughton, University of Cambridge; Kylie Peppler, University of Indiana; Ivan Kalas, Comenius University, Bratislava; Andrew Burn, Richard Noss, Diana Laurillard from the London Knowledge Lab; Joe Halloran from Lambeth CLC; and Irini Papadimitriou and Alex Flowers from the V&A. The event was a Creativeworks London conference, supported by The RSA, The Observer and the Institute of Education (London Knowledge Lab and DARE).

The day provided a wide range of perspectives: visual programming for primary children, game design for teenagers, programming as art, the importance of computational thinking, and the potential links between programming and media education.

The final event was a panel response to the day, with Diana Laurillard (LKL), John Potter (DARE), Carrie-Anne Philbin, Robert Clack School, Michael Anderson, University of Sydney, and Stella Wisdom, British Library.

Diana Laurillard summed up key points:
Ensure open source resources and code in support of education
Change the media image of ICT teachers to one that represents the reality of their innovation
Convince the awarding bodies that there is sufficient long-term expertise in the sector to be able to develop meaningful assessments of coding and creativity in the various curriculum areas
Allow a ground-up approach to pedagogic innovation
Develop the means for this community of teachers to exchange their experience and ideas, learn from each other, and engage the digital industries, creative industries, arts and humanities professionals, computer scientists, and educational agencies in progressing the field.

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LISTEN TO THE TALKS. The podcasts of all
the talks are here.

WATCH KEN ROBINSON’S TALK, streamed to our event from upstairs in the RSA.

Download the flier:

Coding and Creativity

Download the programme:


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