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MA Digital Media, Culture and Education (offered at the UCL Institute of Education, University College London)

The MA Digital Media, Culture and Education is a programme providing theoretical and practical bases for educators, professional communicators, and others concerned with the production and interpretation of media texts, contexts and cultures. It is unique in the UK in having a specialist focus, for those who are interested in it, in education. In addition, we work in partnership with the British Film Institute to offer a module focused on moving image production.

What we aim to do 

The MA in  Digital Media, Culture and Education aims to offer participants opportunities to explore the intellectual field and to extend and develop their skills of analysis, design and communication. This will involve considering approaches to theoretical and methodological issues alongside the practical application of production skills. The course aims at a productive relationship between the theoretical and the practical. This relationship will be relevant across the range of professions and disciplines and the practical that can be matched to students’ interests through the range of modules on offer and through chosen focuses within modules.

What we offer

The following modules are offered as part of the MA Digital Media, Culture and Education:

Students also complete a report or dissertation. Also, a supporting module is offered to help students with this part of their Masters degree. This module introduces participants to key empirical studies which have influenced theories and methodologies in the field of media, digital media, cultural studies and education.   There will be a two –day seminar in mid year, in January (dates TBC) and an online resource available all year.

The BFI Placement

We offer the chance for students to base their dissertation around a placement with our partner, the British Film Institute.  This provides a unique insight into the film education work of one of the world’s leading centres of film archives, research, public engagement and education.


How to Apply

To apply for this programme visit UKPass or click on the apply link on the IOE website.


Sara Hout talks to INC group 2015

One of the 2015 graduates, Sara Hout, talks to the Internet Cultures students about her experience of the MA

Student testimonials

“I undertook the MA part time, as a freelance educational writer for digital resources, also with a toddler and a baby. This was a life-changing decision for me, having been out of tertiary education for almost twenty years, and I was very nervous about going back, but found the blended learning environment both stimulating and supportive. I loved it! I finished, with a Distinction, in 2009, emigrated to Australia and commenced a PhD in curriculum design around digital media in secondary schools, a topic that evolved out of my MA thesis. With the doctorate also completed, I am now a full time lecturer in education, with what I believe will be a lifelong passion for research into media, culture and education, inspired by the wonderful experiences I had at the IoE.”
Dr Lucinda McKnight, Deakin University, Melbourne


“I took the MA part-time whilst working full time, choosing the course as it offered an excellent complement to and extension of my work with film and education. The mixed-mode delivery meant I could strike a balance between study and professional practice that worked for me: I even managed to train for a marathon in the final year! The programme was challenging and stimulating, providing an ideal critical grounding that was immediately relevant to my context and which has stood me in excellent stead since graduating.”


Emma Bull, Film Education Project Manager (graduated 2013)

“I am the Director of Learning at The Hackney Pirates, an enterprising charity which aims to develop the literacy, confidence and perseverance of young people referred to us by teachers. We support them with their reading and we give them the chance to work on projects which have an impact on the real world. The young people get support from volunteers after school and in the holidays in a building that looks like a pirate ship, and publish books, make films, record CDs, and design websites. I took the MA Media, Culture and Education at the same time as developing our learning programme and used the course to inform its content, experimenting with leading projects on animation, film-making, and game design as a result. The research I completed as part of the MA provided a solid foundation on which to build the rationale behind our projects and when developing our monitoring and evaluation strategy.”

Camilla Cook (graduated 2013)


“Taking my MA at the Institute of Education was a fantastic experience, that I couldn’t recommend highly enough. The inspiring tutors have an amazing depth of subject knowledge and a friendly, supportive attitude to the students. It was great to have the opportunity to take some take out from my career and immerse myself in big ideas and new ways of understanding the world around me. The MA helped me to access a new area within my industry and is always something that I’m asked about in interviews.  It continues to open new doors for me, and is one of the best career decisions I’ve made.”

Emily Coleman, Freelance TV Producer



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